Get Your Car Out Of My Ear (Evil Is In The Toaster)

by Skyscape

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An early Skyscape demo from the summer of 1992. Remixed from the original 4-track cassette in the summer of 2017!

Dom used to make up bands and write reviews of their imaginary shows for our high school newspaper. It was his little game - to see how close the review could come to actually being published before someone on the staff realized they were about to print a bunch of bullshit. (The closest call was his review of a non-band called the Dead Grandmothers, which made it all the way to final paste-up. I still have the very typeset slip we peeled off the layout at the eleventh hour and replaced with a review of Blossom.)

In tribute to Dom, Rob Hill came up with a fake band of his own, and one of their non-songs was called "Get Your Car Out of My Ear." This struck me as the funniest thing I'd ever heard and I decided that "Get Your Car Out of My Ear" would be Skyscape's newest smash. Dom hated the title - he wanted to call this song "Evil Lies in the Hands of the Beach." We compromised in time for our first demo tape, which refers to the tune as "Get Your Car Out of My Ear (Evil is in the Toaster)."


Once upon an imaginary time
I met this woman, she blew my mind
Like a dustbuster

It's kinda hard, so I will explain
I'll explain my pain
I will not speak of death
For that is just in vain

Imagine hanging out with a crowd
That's trapped in the '70s
You've gotta ask yourself a question:
Am I living in this dimension?

Little girl shedding ethics for a buck
I can't comprehend
I hate these capitalist lesbians.
Get your car out of my ear!


released September 8, 2017
Music by Jed Davis, words by Domenic Maltempi
Published by Eschatonality/ASCAP, all rights reserved

Domenic Maltempi: vocals
Jed Davis: keyboards, drums, yelling
Rob Hill: guitars

Recorded by Jed Davis in his room, Farmingdale, NY, 1992
Mixed by Jed at Pile of Sound, West Sayville, NY, 2017


all rights reserved



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